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Ben & Kate Gatski

Ben and Kate Gatski are a husband and wife team who design and fabricate very unique metal sculptures. They live on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania with two children, a small herd of dairy cows, and a few pigs. Ben and Kate possess an uncommon vision to honor agriculture through art.

The Gatskis are no strangers to the agricultural world or to creative pursuits.
Ben started his own dairy business at the age of 19. He bought a herd of jersey cows and managed them organically. Kate, after earning a degree in Human Ecology, worked for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.
While professionally occupied by agriculture, the couple was experimenting informally with artistic expressions. In 2003, they established Gatski Metal.

Ben and Kate Gatski's delightful work clearly pays tribute to their background in agriculture. Each sculpture is fabricated from remnants of agricultural machinery. They gather parts from farms, farm machinery dealers, and scrap yards across their region. The qualities of the metal depend upon the model, year, and care of the machine. The process involves tearing apart very large pieces of equipment to get smaller, unique parts for their sculptures. Both Ben and Kate participate in the process. Torches are used to cut the parts and a welder to form them together into unique shapes. Each sculpture is finished with clear, light metal enamel making them suitable for outdoors or indoors.

Ben and Kate in their own words: "We use simple hand tools to honor the enduring traditions of art and agriculture."Without question, Ben and Kate Gatski's work truly reflects their remarkable goals.

Chicken and Egg

Fabricated from recycled farm equipment - suitable for outdoor or indoor use
Dimensions: 10" x 9" x 18"

Price: $335.00

Cow Over the Moon

Fabricated from recycled farm equipment - suitable for outdoor or indoor use
Dimensions: 18" x 6" x 21"

Price: $320.00

Test 1


Price: $1.00
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